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Looking at the questions that are brining some people to my website, it occurs to me that some people are concerned that there is a rift between Ian Anderson and Martin Barre.

search terms:
– why didn’t ian anderson make thick as a brick ii as a tull album with martin barre?
– feud between ian anderson and martin barre

Well, I have some news for you folks:

I was reading the latest issue of Guitar World (with Joe Walsh on the cover; apparently he has a new album out too.), which contains a fairly lengthy interview with Ian, who said NOTHING about a feud. He explained that Martin has some ideas for some solo material, and Ian encouraged him to take time off to work on them while he’s still young enough to do so. Ian fully expects Martin to come back in time.

Hope that sets your minds at rest. And for the rest of you, you should check out the interview. It’s pretty cool.


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