More Items On The Block… (The CvS Art Sale, pt 2)

Okay, let me tell you about three more pieces of hand-drawn logo art that I still love after all these years. Typically, they’re all three from 2003, the weirdest boom-and-bust year in CvS history:

Fruitationals Dsny tny

This was really the fourth iteration of this logo, but it was my going-for-broke version. The original version had a slightly different name and was whipped off quickly for a sell sheet, where this was going to be the big one. It was the first of a series of logos I designed for an entire product line which, to the best of my knowledge, never came to pass. It was also hand-drawn at a considerable size and then scanned and painstakingly cleaned up and coloured in Photoshop. What I’m selling is the original line art:

Fru orig2-4 sml

I included the second and (technically) the third (it was actually done at the same time as the fourth/final, to help me loosen up, because the fussy lettering was burning me out a bit and I had a deadline to meet) logos to demonstrate what’s on the page.

By my reckoning, it’s a $300 dollar logo. You can have it for $100.00 CAD. Make it $200.00 CAD, and you can have the entire page, uncut (well, I’ll have to cut it away from the sketchbook, but you take my meaning).

None of these letterforms have been committed to vector or font yet, though I’d toyed with redering version 3 for fun. The final logo was never actually paid for or trademarked. As far as I know, the whole thing is completely up for grabs.

As an added incentive, if you actually have another logo you would like made using this letterset, I can easily be induced to do so for a mere $100 more, while this offer lasts.

Remember, this is a distinctive letterform type that is reminiscent of certain Ribbon and Spencerian letterforms, but is not derivative af any of them, which makes it trademarkable.

Tru Treat v4a

Alright, here’s another logo that I’ve planned on making a proper letterset (and perhaps a font) out of. I’m actually using it for my cartoon character Zoe’s so-far-non-existent comic strip:


The thing is, neither of these configurations is what I’m selling. This is what the original artwork looks like:

TruT orig sml

As you can see, a great deal of work was done to take it from the state it started in to the finished version. There actually were no hollow letters drawn at first. That was something I decided on after colouring the original version and seeing how hard it was to read at a distance. Most of that work was done in Photoshop, using a mouse, a magnifying glass, strained eyes and an increasingly shaky hand, over more hours than I’m proud to admit.

My oft-spoken motto at the time was, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. This was in stark contrast to the ‘official’ company motto, which was supposedly, “CLEARvision Studios: We do the work, and you pay us.” I know, not very romantic sounding, but you really have to imagine how broke and tired we were when my sister and I came up with that one. I’ve since changed it to, “We can do that”. Fits better on the pamphlet.

So anyway, it’s a $250-$300 logo, but I’m gonna charge you $100.00 CAD to give this art a good home. I’ll even throw in the sketches I did working up to it:

TruT thumb sml

You will note, the logo bottom left hand corner is the only place where a mascot was used for this product, and was one of the last corporate mascots I was ever commissioned to create. My client liked the idea well enough, but his client wasn’t as easily impressed, so I never got to draw the final version.

I’m also going to offer you the same deal if you would like to see this letterset applied to a new logo:$100 more, while this offer lasts.

Sun Nectars final j tny

Finally, perhaps my favourite of the three. It’s modelled on the so-called Art Nouveau lettering style of perhaps its greatest practitioner, Alphonse Mucha. However, there is no one specific ‘Mucha’ font (despite what some typographers would like you to believe). Alphonse never really repeated his lettersets; he devised new letterforms for each project, though they are all instantly recognizable as his.

In honour of the man’s incredible creativity and diversity, I have made my letterset a unique object. I won’t for a moment claim to have invented a new style or form, but my letterset is really only a gestalt of some of my favourite versions of Mucha’s signature lettering style. I hope some day to create my only complete font set for both the upper and lower case letterforms.

Now, once again, I’m not selling the full colour version; a physical drawing of the final logo does not exist. In fact, even the art contained within the capitals exists only in the digital realm, as a highly processed composite of dozens of sourced photos. An attempt to create an original illsutration was started, but deadlines forced me to abandon it. Here is the original art:

SN orig sml

And here is the illustration I started but couldn’t finish in time:

SN illo sml

This is a $300 logo, which I would have charged $500 for if I’d just had time to finish the illustration properly. As it stands, I was never properly paid for the logo itself, and the product line it was created for never shipped under this or any other name, as far as I know. As well, the company it was made for is gone now. No trademark was ever filed for it.

I’ll sell you this logo for $150.00 CAD. For $200, I’ll throw in the aborted illustration. And for $300–you guessed it–I’ll make a new logo for you using this letterset style, while this offer lasts.

For anyone wondering, the offer lasts until I make enough money to pay an outstanding bill and take care of my wife’s website hosting, or by the end of this month (June 2011), whichever comes first. Presumably, if I don’t have the money I need by then, selling my art won’t be enough to fix my problems.

I have more art to show you shortly, but it’s time to stop again and go take care of a few things I’ve been neglecting. Thank you for reading, and please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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