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I showed this logo off previously, in context with the banner design I did for the series back in late 2009, but I didn’t really show off what I guess was the ‘best’ version of the logo, with the all-original letterform designs I did. Fairly obviously influenced by certain Art Deco and industrial post-war 1940s futura letterform designs, but really doing it my own way, without any references (I’ve been doing this for a little while now, and find I refer back to older font styles less and less).


Here’s another logo created from the same unfinished letterset. I may make a font out of it someday soon, and call it Limbo Deco or something.


A little while later, I helped my friend Deirdra out with her website redesign; she’d found a new WordPress theme she liked, and asked me for a banner. I’d originally created a title page for her, but then learned that there was no need for it, so I adapted the basic concept to the banner form. Several tweaks later, et voila!


Okay, what in the world did I decide to show that off for, right? I didn’t actually do the design work on the product this is clearly imitating. Heck, it isn’t even spelled right! So why, why in the world, pray tell, did I do it? Well, because a lot of my work is very over-the-top. I’m not the most gonzo designer out there, but the vast majority of my work is pretty eccentric, if still relatively commercial. But what I really wanted to demonstrate here in a way that designers at least would get a kick out of is to demonstrate what I basically did to get where I am, skill-wise: I took apart other peoples’ work and figured out how to do it myself. This was merely a direct rip on a very subtle, very corporate image that most designers know very well. One for the graphcis geeks, you might say.


This is also a direct rip. It’s a much more classic logo from a classic 70s rock album cover, illustrated by world-renowned illustrator Drew Struzan.

I can’t find direct provenance for the logo itself, although the album credits list Greg Allen as art director and designer. However, his website gives no indication of having worked on that album specifically, as far as I can tell. He may be the guy, but the evidence isn’t in his portfolio. For that matter, the logo isn’t in Drew’s website portfolio, either, so there you go.

At any rate, I also started preliminary design work on a possible typeset based on this famous logo, which you can peruse here in its roughest form. I will never make a dime from this particular project; it is a labour of love. I just want to demonstrate a skillset I used to use to make a little (very, very little) money–recreating recognizable logos that the owners had ‘lost’ the working files for–and get some enjoyment and personal satisfaction from in the doing.

Sun Nectars final j tny

Primarily-Pins-001 Roseball-Layout

And finally, three logos I did using a partial letterset (I haven’t finished developing it yet) that was heavily influenced by the greatest master of the form, Alphonse Mucha. The letterforms are essentially mine, but they were created after having stared at a plethora of classic Mucha illustrations to get the right mix of letter shape styles. The great thing about Mucha’s lettering was, he never really did it the same way twice. He had a recognizable signature style that no other designer of his period was ever able to emulate successfully, but his actual letterforms changed from project to project. This is because he hand-lettered his logos and type faces, and didn’t work from stencils or copy established letterset charts.

The first logo was done for a company that I’ve been told no longer exists, for a product that never shipped under the product name my sister and I devised, not wearing the logo I created for it.

The second and third were designed for an old friend who was in the process of starting her own company. I’ve heard little more about it since receiving the payment for the second (approved) logo, but I do still wish her the best of luck.

Okay, folks, that’s all teh time I have for Show and Tell today. Time to go save my lovely wife from spitting bacon, and then enjoy Chicken Caesar Salad and well-aged SNL episodes with my wife.

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