Movin’ Out (Gary’s Song)

On New Years Eve of this year, Gary gathered Derrick and I (along with a raft of strangers we knew nothing about) for a party. In private, he told Derrick and I that he wanted to get the band back together. Derrick had earlier confessed to me that he'd 'been getting the itch' to play drums again, and preferrably with the band, so I could already see it was a two thirds majority.

It worked out alright though, because my wife had decided to order me a tool for my computer that allowed me to digitize our old band cassettes. As such, I'd been immersed in the old music for a little while, and had been thinking more and more that I wanted to get back to recording, including rerecording the old tunes, just so I could get them out of my head.

So we agreed, and decided we'd start looking for a place to practice in the coming weeks. This would not actually come to pass for another six months. In the meantime, I started writing new songs for the band, which I figured would get us back in fighting trim, and would put the majority of the tricky playing on me, so I wouldn't have to worry as much about whether they could handle their parts.

I used to be so impassioned about this stuff that I could scarecely imagine it ever ending. Taught myself several instruments, slowly acquired gear and recording knowledge, and tried to make music for the next four years. I finally burned out, and upon Dave's exit from the band, I folded it, leaving Derrick to mull over his options, while Garyand I went off to try and rebuild. It never happened. And I went back to art and fiction writing, and eventually became a graphic artist.

We're into our tenth month of official reunion. We've been practically reunited for five. We've had five practices since June 30th (06/06/30;06/07/03; 06/07/23; 06/08/01; 06/09/01). Five practices in five months. We were never the greatest  musicians; whether the songs were any good is another matter. But there comes a time when you have to admit toyourself that things are not working out as planned. Family issues and scheduling conflicts have been keeping us from using Gary's basement as often as planned, and Derrick and I have reached the conclusion that it's not going to get any better.

As such, I told Gary yesterday that we're going to be removing the gear from his basement, and that we'd finish the basic song demos here in my apartment, sans drums, until we can find a new place to rehearse and jam proper Etcetera material. This is not ideal, but it's deemed necessary for now, to prevent any further conflicts, and to end the stalemate of indifference that seems to have grown in the void between us and Gary's wife, who can't seem to spare us a day or two a month anymore, and won't grant me the use of my guitarist for any serious length of time (without me having to resort to drama to get results).

So Etcetera/Thesis is out of jam space, which effectively puts us into temporary hibernation until we can work something else out. And with Derrick just getting back to work in retail part time, Gary still seeking a new job and me being paid sporadically by my clients, I just have no idea when we'll reconvene next, other than for songwriting sessions here in my apartment living room.

It's been one of those lifetimes, I tell you.

Lee Edward McIlmoyle
sitting in Limbo
2006 10 01

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