Music For The Masses

In another life, I was a musician. Every once in a long while, that past life comes back to haunt me. Lately, it’s been haunting me with a vengeance, and I’ve been forced to do some actual playing and recording to exorcise those demons. As part of the process, I sometimes prepare chord charts, which in my case means chord changes superimposed over the lyrics. Here are a couple of an examples:

Kharmic Wheel chord chart

©2010 Etcetera Thesis Music

Waiting chord chart
Here We Go Again chort chart

© 2010 Etcetera Thesis Music

©2010 Etcetera Thesis Music

Anyway, it’s not exactly the kind of work you expect from me on this page, but it’s layout of a kind, and since the only other thing I’m working on at the moment is a redesign of the CvS website, I figure this is all I have to show until the site goes live. hope you learned soemthing useful. I sure did. This dashboard is lousy for layout. I need to find a client again, and preferably one that works.


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