Customs and Road Songs of Limbo


This book contains short stories that may shock and disturb some of the more sensitive readers. It may also titillate and inspire those of a slightly kinkier bent. The Author isn’t sure which is worse. Please use with caution.

After completing The BACK ROADS of LIMBO, the Author found that he hadn’t run out of stories to tell. In fact, there were quite a few new story ideas brimming over with the urge to be released.

The problem was, there are over a hundred other story ideas waiting to be written or completed, and these new stories were completely unplanned. So the Author attempted to dash them off quickly to get back to work… but the new stories kept coming, and the volume kept growing.

So what you have in your hands is a large, entirely fresh collection of strange, sometimes transgressive, entirely original set of stories. Some of them are about characters some of you may already know. Others are characters who have been waiting to meet you. Still others, you don’t ever want to meet.

So enjoy. There are no Booyah Squids in this book, but it does just about everything else you can imagine.

You do know how to imagine, don’t you? You just put your lobes together and blow.


ORIGINAL BLURB from the aborted 2013 version of cover:

As you travel further down the Back Roads of Limbo, you start finding yourself crossing covered bridges over choppy little streams and creeks, shadowy affairs that make you look straight ahead to the light, hoping not to see anything in the corners that might keep you awake at night. Not horrors per se, though for some, even the mildest intrusion of uninvited reality can be a torment. Common things, like a quick kiss and cuddle in the back alley with your best friend’s lover, or a suppressed memory of the time you were sprawled on the living room carpet with your closest friend, who made the first awkward advance that sent you reeling into the murky waters of wondering what would happen if your father walked in just then. That strange moment when you realize you’re not as sure as you thought you were about where the line between good and bad behaviour is drawn. That time you found yourself doing the very thing you swore you’d never do. And enjoying it.

Customs and Road Songs of Limbo is a collection of stories and anecdotes, some perfectly innocent, and some you’d swear weren’t like how they said it happened, Your Honour. Taboos explored, contradictions resolved, mysteries uncovered, boundaries crossed, and questions about yourself that you were never certain about finally made clear for you, even in the last moments. Mostly, these are stories about transgression and redemption. Don’t expect a lot of hand-holding through this book. You’re even further down the Back Roads of Limbo now. Time to put up your high beams and watch carefully for signs as you travel to the places you haven’t been to since you were young, when everything was new and dazzling and more than just a little bit scary. Those things are still there in the dark and dust, waiting. They have things to tell you. Come in and listen to their stories.

Customs and Road Songs of Limbo

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