Dreamtropolis Tales

Dreamtropolis a science fiction series set in the human race’s distant future, when women and men have been genetically modified to be essentially the same hybrid sex, human colonies have been established throughout the galaxy, Capitalism is practically the reigning organized religion, and Mother Earth is slowly rebuilding after near-total environmental collapse. In this galactic society, myriad tales of dystopian injustice occur on an almost daily basis.

In The Constant Sea of Night, we see the human race of 2116 either boarding environmentally sealed megatrains and perpetually traveling the globe in search of the dwindling resources needed to reverse the changes to Earth’s ecosystem, or abandoning it entirely for the burgeoning colonies of space, where human rights are stripped and lives are devoted to serving their corporate hosts.

In Passage To Bujah, we step another century into the future, and see the remnants of Earth’s once-grand societies struggle with the reality of living permanently on the aging megatrains that both protect them and move them from one environmental hotspot to the next, where their carefully trained ecological scientists and engineers make attempts to procure resources or utilize the latest strategies and technologies to heal the worst of the damage. Slowly, they are reclaiming the planet, but their society has been so indoctrinated into the culture of a post-apocalyptic society that it might not be prepared to see the great work through to completion.

And finally, in Dreamtropolis Fallen, we jump another hundred years forward, to see a space-faring species wrestling with its identity, all to the background of social injustice and unrest, and a new, hitherto unforeseen danger approaching, as colonies one after another go silent, their populations being slowly, mysteriously decimated, as if the colonists simply vanished overnight.

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One such story occurs on a distant mining planetoid called Tabyss, where substances rich in exotic energies are mined and harvested from far below the planet’s surface, to be processed and packaged In The Great Pyramid and transported to trading colonies throughout the galaxy. One such substance, known simply as Tablo, is a key ingredient in the slurry mix used to place people into a lucid dream state. Once in a lucid state, they enter a virtual world called the DreamNet, where they receive their orders for the day and can then focus on making a coherent series of decisions and commands in their sleep, which cause machines slaved to their thoughts through implants and virtual dreamworld interfaces to produce products and services in the real world.

This enables corporations and governments–which are virtually interchangeable in this era–to create the demand that people need to hold down both a standard Day Job, and a more exotic DreamWerk to keep their debt retirement fees paid. The whole of human society continues to be commercialized and commodified, selling corporate lifestyle packages to off-world humans, indebted for their training, their households, and perversely, the very technology that allows them to participate in DreamWerk.

Morgan Summerwind is a genetically-modified woman living on Tabyss, a technologically advanced colony planet at the center of a web of mining colonies and trading outposts, light years from mother Earth. In this society, racial prejudice and sexual discrimination have been completely eliminated, as all people are the same hybrid race and gender.

On Tabyss, money is made the dirty old fashioned way: mining and technological goods manufacturing. Everyone who lives on Tabyss works for the Great Pyramid Corporation, one way or another. The GPC has been so successful on Tabyss that it has bought up many of the surrounding planets and is working hard to colonize them all. And of course, the most remarkable achievement of them all, even greater than the Great Pyramid Project itself, is the invention and implementation of the DreamWerk Network, where every person holds down a second job, in their sleep.

However, this isn’t the story of Tabyss, or the Great Pyramid, or of DreamWerk. This is Morgan’s story, and it starts with a chance meeting with a woman in her dreams, who kisses her and then jumps to her death. This same woman, now pronounced dead in both the waking and dreaming worlds, leaves digital breadcrumbs for her to follow in order to unravel the deep, dark secrets of Tabyss and the GPC. Then again, perhaps it IS about all of those things, and more.

Even love.

But even as Morgan begins to learn the truth, the powers that be are moving to stop her by any means necessary.

Obviously, much more to come.


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