Passage To Bujah: Departure

Imagine a world where entire cities have grown old and had to be abandoned for safety reasons, and the only people found in them are doing demolition and restoration work. Imagine this world is contaminated with the dangerous pollutants and irradiants of the old world’s derelict technology. A world that pioneered and then abandoned space migration, deciding that space was too dangerous to inhabit, not because of the neighbours, but because of the rebel colonies. Where evolution has had a push to help make the job of procreating and raising families possible in this toxic, ageing  dangerous world. Where the entire population of this world lived and travelled on one of a dozen enormous locomotives, large enough to house the population of a mega-city  Where the people ride from work zone to work zone, slowly repairing the damage of centuries. Where they are born, live and die awaiting The Great Disembarkation, when the peoples of the world can at last return to their countries of origin and begin anew.

Into this world are born a pair of twins, similar down to the genetic level, and yet psychologically predisposed to live very different lives. They grow together, travel together, graduate together, and then take up the journey that each of their forebears has made for the last two centuries, travelling back down the line to their homeland, where they will learn their ultimate fate and prepare themselves for the lives they are destined to lead.

Welcome to Earth in the Twenty-Fourth Century. The entire population of the world is in constant motion, but are they moving toward a bright future, or are they heading down a tunnel with no end? Can two young sisters survive against incredible odds to help change their world, or will they be swallowed up by the infinite number of pitfalls that are set before them on the Passage to Bujah?

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