The Back Roads of Limbo


Private Detectives. Giant squid. Secret agents. Sultans and Djinn. Thieves and sorceresses. Children and a band of Gypsies. Crime in a city run by angels. Man’s best friend. Working in your sleep. Christmas dinner. A writer takes a long walk. Psychic vampires. And a man who rescues his protégé and then loses the love of his life.

These are just a small handful of the story ideas from the mind of Lee Edward McIlmoyle, author of the novels The Bride of War and Terminal Monday, and the novellas The Dark Guild and ASHES: Infinite Redress. This is just the beginning. Once you’re on the Road to Limbo, you can never go home again.

Athena’s Eyes Athena’s Eyes (text)
Cash Job
A Strange Bedtime Story
Never Apologize
Follow The Bouncing Ball
The Well-Tailored Man
Afterword (Formerly the Foreword)

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