The Constant Sea of Night

The Constant Sea of Night is a collection of brand new novellas about the Earth shortly before its collapse. It may be submitted to small publishing companies in Canada before I consider self-publishing. It will hopefully be available by the end of 2016 or early 2017, if it doesn’t get picked up by a publisher and distributed on their schedule instead.
Ten adventures in the Post-Nation State Age world of 2116. Nine people cut loose from the fabric of the societies they grew up in, shortly before the catastrophe that destroys civilization and forces the survivors to board the first environmentally-sealed mega-train, on which they will live and most likely die, as the world around them falls apart.

A woman enters an examination room in what she thinks is a doctor’s office, only to have the strangest encounter of her life, and then leave to discover that the outside world has been practically destroyed without her noticing.

Normal Heights
A class of students with outstanding skills and talents become increasingly fearful for their lives, as fellow class members begin disappearing or turning up dead. The survivors band together to uncover the source of the deaths, and learn there is more to their school than they ever imagined.

A man hell-bent on achieving success in a commercially-dominated, post-modern corporate society is forced to reinvent himself when his partner cheats on him and ruins their credibility rating.

Distant Satellite
A genetically modified woman living in a space colony hits out on the road to escape a group of activists bent on revenge for her inadvertently identifying their leader as an atavistic murderess.

An industrial spy leaves her job to find peace in her old provincial hometown, only to come to the painful realization that everyone she knew has been corrupted by the state.

Cold World
An insurance investigator goes after an insurance fraud criminal and winds up knee deep in murder plots in the wastes of the Canadian Shield Agrology, miles below the surface of the frozen north.

The Immortal Sun
A transsexual from Brazil has been living in the deserts of Chile, running a massive solar powered greenhouse that is under attack by aggressive developers who want the land for a new planned space port cosmopolis.

Skin & Bones
A surgeon has her license to practice medicine revoked for secretly practicing a modern form of Bodywork, an ancient, non-invasive medicine that has been outlawed after the accidental death of the Senior Chair of the North American Union. Then she is kidnapped and taken to the Caribbean to practice her medical arts in secret, working to save a zombie colony, including the late Chair’s afflicted daughter.

A middle-aged nanopoet discovers the body of his best friend and mentor, the famous sympop composer Vera Linn, murdered by genefascists before completing her masterpiece, and vows to complete the work in her stead.

Termination Station
Seven strangers wind up on the first mega-train out of the vast wastes of America, where environmental disasters are piling up by the day, forcing the entire surviving population to become permanent refugees aboard the train. When a series of mysterious deaths begin to occur, each of the seven begins to investigate, hoping to identify the culprit before they too are identified.

(coming soon)


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