The Good Girl


Sterling hasn’t had a decent paying gig in weeks. The rent is due. His girlfriend is starting to think he’s a bum. And his most recent client has turned up dead in his office. When the man’s secretary comes to him for help, neither of them realize how much trouble they’re in for, as they visit the scene of the crime to get her back pay and some security against the man’s widow.

And of course, that’s when everything goes horribly wrong.

Sterling Carcieri isn’t a conventional private dick, but then, few are. A flawed man with a love of women and drink and a hatred of violence and broken glass, he does his best to sort out what turns out to be a much more complicated and seemingly disparate series of events that all lead him on a merry chase around the world and back. Sterling may not know who the Uninvited Guest is, but they seem to know all about him.

© 2013 Lee Edward McIlmoyle

Prologue: Friday Night

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