The Weight of the World, a Justin Goalkeeper novel

The Weight of the World

Justin O’Hara is a former Goalkeeper, a secret agent who has been lured out of retirement by a pretty face and a promise that ‘it’ll be different this time’. Meanwhile, his predecessors are missing and his successors have quit or been dismissed in disgrace. The position of Goalkeeper has never been vacant for more than a few weeks since it was created shortly after WWII ended.

But his return to duty is imperiled from the start, as a new agency attempts to keep alive the petty dictator he has been assigned to assassinate. He doesn’t mind a little healthy competition; he once used to work for a rival organization himself, when he was better known as the Cardinal. But he takes it personally when a mission is completed and his rivals decide to shoot him. Poor sportsmanship indeed.

It only gets worse as first one and then another former Goalkeeper comes back into the field to deal with what turns out to be a much bigger conspiracy than anything any of them has ever faced before.

Up against an unidentified foe who seems to know their every move, the Goalkeepers are forced to work as a team for the first time in their long history. But will even the return of the most famous Goalkeeper of them all be enough to uncover the truth and save the entire world from The Ultimate Solution.

[First and Second chapters excerpted in THE BACK ROADS OF LIMBO; the rest to come soon.]

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