My Life Is My Own, And Now I’m Always Home

I’m buried in volunteer stuff. I got no work done on the Fool painting yesterday. Had so much administrative stuff to do, and I didn’t even get it all done. Still have to do something about a couple of grants for a live music series in a local park. Been procrastinating, because the organizer and I aren’t talking or seeing eye to eye on much, which is hard for me, because I genuinely like and respect the guy. He’s very cool, and very hip, and very talented, and he doesn’t want to make a big thing out of the series, which he has been running for most of the last five or six years. I did last year’s series, but that was just to keep it going. I don’t particularly want to take it over from him. But he’s not engaging me, and I’ve got ideas of how we can make the series a little more stable and attractive to performers.

I want to clear out the dead scrub trees and build a small covered performance stage in the back corner of the park, so we can use more of the park space for the audience. It’ll get the gear and amps up out of the mud, and maybe even make the gigs feel a little more established, so they want to come back and play more shows in future years.

This will be the third year in a row where we are going to have a four-week series instead of the original eight-week series that gets us through most of the summer. I’m a wanna-be Prog Rocker. I respect a show of endurance. I like a solid presentation. I like to impress people with variety and continuity. I want to see the series flourish, rather than dwindle away. I still believe strongly that the series is one of the best ways for our neighbours to come together and meet one another and chat with local acoustic music playing. It’s a lovely little park. Probably couldn’t support more than a 100 people if we squeezed them in (even if I succeed in getting the little hedge fence pushed back to the street in the future).

I don’t care if I never get any credit for any of this stuff. In fact, I’d prefer not to. It’s not about me. it’s about our community. That’s part of the reason I prefer my friend to continue to get the lionshare of the credit for organizing and promoting the series. I suspect he feels a little the same about taking credit for it. But the thing is, it IS a great community builder, and I intend to get the community association more involved in promoting and attending the series, to do outreach and meet and greet. I want this to outlast my friend and I. When we’re both far too busy with our careers to continue doing it, I want someone else to feel inspired and empowered to pick up the torch and carry it forward in our stead. That’s what community building is all about. I just want to show people that we can make it an established, official presence, so folks know to look forward to it, to anticipate it, to demand it, and to share it.

So yeah. Not so much with the drawing and painting yesterday. Might do some today. Got some shopping and bill paying to do, though, so it may not happen. Need to get back to fiction writing, too. I tweeted a misery guts complaint about my lack of writing progress last night, so I’d better back it up with some actual writing soon.

And I think that’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks for reading.


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