My Thoughts About MY eBook Pricing

For those that usually read the first line and skip my posts accordingly, I’d like to ask you to read this blog, as it involves an important decision about my eBook pricing strategy. Thank you.

I’ve been giving it some thought, and I’m starting to think that following the Konrath model isn’t working for me (yet). Not sure why. I don’t think my covers are bad. I could be wrong, but I like my covers. I think they work, from both a storytelling standpoint and from a design standpoint.

Particularly the design thing. I’ve been doing design work for over a decade. It’s my stock in trade. I think I know what I’m doing, even if they’re not photographic or classically illustrated, the way a number of books in these genres are usually done. To my eyes, they’re good covers. Maybe someone else could do better. But I have my doubts, so I’m thinking I’m gonna stick with my stuff for now.

Thinking I might do a poll on Facebook, where the most responsive part of my readership resides (*mutter grumble*).

But meanwhile, I’m seriously thinking that, by the end of the week, I’m going to be raising the prices of most of my ebooks, to better represent their actual value. It seems to me that underpricing tot he degree I have been, following the Konrath model, doesn’t seem to work for my books. My books aren’t light enough to be consumed that way. Not sure why. Might consider rewriting the blurbs. Not sure that will affect much, but meanwhile, the most obvious problem seems to be that I’m undercutting my credibility by underpricing my books.

Pursuant to that, this is your first warning: If you were sitting on the fence about buying any of my eBooks, NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY. The links are in the top left hand corner of this blog. Go get them now, while they’re still cheap, because I don’t know if I’m ever going to lower the prices again.

When I do the repricing, I’m going to do a whole new slew of book promoting to try to give those titles a proper reintroduction. Might even delay to gussy up the covers, if I have any doubts about any of them. It is my sincere hope that, with the slow growth I’ve seen in my social media readerships, that I’ll be able to parley that into a proper boost.

I think I might need an event. Got to give that some thought. Any suggestions? I’m open to suggestions, at this point.

Time to get dressed and get some work done. Again, thanks for reading.


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