New and Improved

I’ve been reworking You’re Right.

It’s still not quite perfected (as these things go), but it nears completion. The mix still doesn’t quite pop, but it’s getting good, now. Of course, I’ve got notes on just about every song in the pile so far, but really, it’s not that bad for a collection of demos recorded by a guy who hasn’t made an album in over twelve years.

I haven’t been this serious about a collection of songs in a very long time. It feels good to be back in harness. Something was definitely missing. It might just be my mid-life crisis calling, but it called at a good time.

So today I’m going to ease into the job of cleaning up Kharmic Wheel, which needs cleaner vocals and a better guitar part. Then I might tackle either a new song, or go back and see if I can figure out what the heck happened with Keep On Going.

But first I’m going to make some tea and take a stab at rewriting the lyrics to Old Man Saturn.


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