New Art – working title: Eratica

So, I conceived of and have mostly completed a new Abstract Assemblage, which I haven’t officially named, yet, but I’m leaning towards calling ‘Eratica’. It’s basically ‘Son of Oblique Strategies’, except it’s larger and has an entirely different colour scheme.

Oblique Strategies (2015) sml

ERATICA (working title):
Stage 02
Eratica stage 02
Stage 03
Eratica stage 03
Stage 04
Eratica stage 04

I just need to put a coat of deep crimson red onto the wood panel and mount the pieces into place. I think it’s going to look stupendous. And I’ll charge a million bucks for it.

Okay, not a million. But I will choose a suitably lofty price, and try mightily to find it a good home. Gonna be a bitch to store until then.

Thanks for viewing. Have a great weekend.


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