New Axe

My wife bought me a new guitar to replace my old Epiphone PR6E, which decided to fall apart, and in so doing revealed its deep, dark secret; the flat top was made of plywood. I still have to decide whether I'm going to have it repaired, but if I do, I'll most likely sell it.

This is the Yamaha APX700. It has a solid top and a lovely, parchment-like golden sunburst finish. I'm getting comfortable with it. The sound isn't too different from my Epiphone, except that is has perhaps a slightly warmer, more confident, steady, even tone to it. Both Dawn and Gary like the tone a great deal more than the Epi. I worry that it doesn't cut quite as well against Gary's choice of guitars (he favours full bodied, warm sounding guitars in the dreadnought vein, which is hard to cut through with another full bodied guitar; hence my choice of slimmer guitar bodies), but it is a nice sound and feel, so I'm happy.

We have other photographs of the guitar, but Dawn is wrestling with her gallery software right now, so I figured I'd post this one. I'll post one or two more when they become available.

ETA: Other Pictures..

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