New DSKI Design – My Body (tee shirt)

VFMD 2011 07 11a

VFMD 2011 07 11b

This is actually a design concept my lovely wife was working on, which I was asked to resize and touch up for the latest CLEARwear tee shirt submission. I’ve been working on a few too many things, and Dawn had a great idea that is close to her heart, so she decided to make today’s tee shirt.

An unusual step for Dawn, she actually started designing it herself in GIMP on her own computer (she favours Ubuntu to Windows or OSX, and Adobe products don’t run so well in a Linux environment). Sadly, we couldn’t export her finished design to any file format that looked good when opened in Illustrator, so I quickly recreated her design and finished up one idea she’d been wrestling with in GIMP (which isn’t so good for vectors).

And here it is in its native form. Dawn has actually conceived of several ideas that are currently up on the RebBubble website, under DSKI Designs (DSKI is her callsign from back when she was an art student), which I’ve been only too happy to implement for her. About ten of the tee shirts taht have been posted are based on her ideas, and I still have at least a dozen more of her pieces and concepts to work on… and she keeps thinking up new ones every few days. We’ll never run out at this rate. 🙂

Anyway, back to work.


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