New Logo – first concept


Not sold on this rendition yet, but I didn’t get to spend as much time with it as I needed to today. Still trying to decide if this is my new MetFall title, or if it’s too esoteric (yes, I know it’s a non-existent word).

For those who have forgotten, this is what the logo originally looked like:


I still really like this basic logo. Obviously I didn’t do any graphical futzy stuff to sex it up; it’s just the basic forms. But still fairly cool design, I think. I’m just trying to figure out what to do next with it, because the name has been co-opted by someone who is publishing eBooks using the name.

The new idea is a fair bit more esoteric, but I’m starting to grow into the idea. Good thing, too, since I have plans for this series. I’ll probably take another stab at it tomorrow to come up with something a little more elegant. Either that, or way weirder. Maybe both. We’ll see which wins.



4 Responses to “New Logo – first concept

  • The letterforms are interesting, but with the added bounce you’re sacrificing some legibility. The cover formatting will be key.

  • Since the word “Arcolopolis” isn’t immediately familiar, you probably don’t want to make its legibility obscure. The Nouveau touches are attractive and evocative; the trick now will be to make ’em bold, in the manner of a composition. You might want to use the device that crosses the initial “A” elsewhere in the logo.

  • Other than than, you’ve got something attractive going on!

  • I like the new title and the accompanying logo. The lettering and the varied heights rather appeal to me.

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