New News About Old News

Well, the Vox blog is dead and gone, which means all those music file links in my blog need to be relinked to a new archive, which I still have to set up. Go me! So I’ll be slowly fixing the archive over the next few months.

That’s the old news.

The New news is that Gary and I are working together again, and I’m actually recording stuff. Pretty much old stuff that needs rerecording for the moment, but new stuff is in the works, and stuff that’s been waiting to be recorded will finally get their day as well. We still don’t have an active drummer (Derrick hasn’t quit, but he isn’t involved in these sessions, and Gary and I are both thinking it might be time to move on. We’ve said that before. You watch, Derrick will be back in harness in three months, now that I’ve said that).

So yeah, out with the old, in with the new. Welcome to the new Etcetera Thesis Music Blog.

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