No Fight Left Or So It Seems, I Am A Man Whose Dreams Have All Deserted

That might be a palindrome.

Good Morning, Mackristocrats,

I’m sort of bouncing between projects now, trying to develop a work schedule for polishing up the album and also making room for doing some design work on a series of paintings I’m planning on doing. First, let’s look at the album cover:

As you can see, I packed in a fair bit of data, but I also made an interior for the cover:

Don’t try reading that on your screen unless you have an iPad or something.

And Here’s a sample of what I’m thinking of for my painting series:

So there you have it: I’m busy. So the thing is, I don’t have a real post for you. I AM back online, however, so you can expect more posting from me as the days wear on. Welcome to Summer in Limbo. Enjoy.


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