No Free Lunches

So it occurs to me that I’ve been doing something a bit foolish; I’ve been trying to get these demos as polished and professional sounding as I can make them (which is good), and then I’m putting them on the website and giving them away for free (that’s the foolish part). Now, I figure there isn’t any harm done so far because I haven’t really nailed any of the songs yet. They all pretty much need some kind of work done to them (which I am doing more of today), so it’s not like I’ve left the barn door open.

However, it occurs to me that I’m not thinking this through properly, because I’m impatient and want validation and immediate gratification. What I should  be doing is polishing up these numbers until they gleam, and then release them properly on iTunes or some such, and try to make some money from them.

I know, that sounds pretty mercenary, but frankly, I need every red cent I can get right now. I’m not expecting the money truck to pull up and start dumping cash in my living room, but seriously, these are pop songs. Shouldn’t I be trying to make some money from them? Isn’t that more or less what they’re designed for?

So yeah, having thoughts about trying to find a distribution method that might actually make a few pesos and justify my time spent not finding a job or writing and editing my novels. I guess the question becomes, have I already exhausted the good will and patience of our friends and families, who will probably be the only people who hear these songs?

Maybe I should take a page from JoCo and release some songs for free, but ask people to pay a few bucks for the complete albums. I wonder if there’s any easy-to-use back end code that can be incorporated into this blog.
I wonder if I can crank out enough tunes to keep the site hopping, the way Jonathan did when he started. It seems to me that the object of the game is to keep things lively until people get used to you, and then settle back to write the BIG ALBUM while the little pop songs tide folks over.

I’m more than willing to take suggestions if you folks have any.

Anyway, time to get back to work. I’m remastering various of the first seven tracks to the upcoming Thesis album, Bisecting a Circumference (which I suppose could be subtitled Two Halves and Two Holes). Gotta get these songs to the point where I don’t think they need to be scrapped and rerecorded from scratch (again). Also gotta get things set up so Gary can just come in and record his guitar and vocal parts without waiting for me to finish programming drum tracks and such.

One more question: do you think I should start getting Gary to post to this blog too?


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