No One Knows How It Feels To Have These Feelings… That I Do… And I Blame You!


Damnit, there’s my Grade twelve English Teacher telling me not to open with an apology again.

I’ve been busy. Nothing fun or sexy. Volunteer stuff, which I’ve been stepping back from in increments. Not sure how many more layers I’ll shed this year. Still feel a strong sense of obligation in some cases. And a dear friend has been in need… in crisis, in fact. She’s doing much better now, but I’m still in crisis management mode (which is irritating my wife considerably). Still, it’s getting to the point where I can start thinking about myself and my career stuff with a clear head again. I figure I can do everyone a lot more good if I get my career taken care of.

I keep opening and closing The Constant Sea of Night, the epic prequel novel to the Passage to Bujah trilogy I keep procrastinating on. I want it to be fantastic, which I haven’t been feeling much of, just lately. If I can’t knock it out of the park, it won’t be worth doing. Seven protagonists, one planet in peril. One hundred years from now. Seems like a good idea. But it’s kinda huge.

StinZine #009 is done. Here’s what it will look like in your mailboxes:
And with that, I have retired from the paper. I still have things like The Anvil to put together, for now. But I’m thinking it’s time someone other than me handles the StinZine, because I’ve been having trouble letting it get out of my grasp, but I’m starting to resent the amount of time it takes away from my other pursuits. You gotta love volunteer work, or it starts to become social work, and bad social work, at that. I know the current team can do it without me. I’m just gonna leave them to sort it out themselves.

My involvement with Participatory Budgeting ended a couple of months ago. I was sure it was in good hands, and it was. Sadly, the project is now in peril, because the Councillor basically chose to shut out the PBRC from the process he’s going to implement instead. Won’t even be called PBW2, as I understand it. That’s just as well. We don’t want him to. It’s not the same, and he knows it. I didn’t get into an argument with him about it, and I won’t. But I’m displeased. Deeply. He’s invalidated almost four years of my hard work. If I can ever return the favour, I will.

Dawn (my agent/partner/wife) and I are working on a couple of new art pieces, in hope of putting together a new show some time this year. Meanwhile, we’re going to put some of our many unsold pieces up at a cafe restaurant somewhere on the mountain. I’ve abandoned my original plan for the ongoing series of large pieces. I overplanned it and lost Dawn’s interest. I’d rather work on t hings that don’t make my partner feel bad. So no more talk of Cyclical Resonance.

Listening to The Who’s Next this afternoon. I still need to review this album. Seems like the right day for a stroll down memory lane. Trying to decide what I’m going to work on. Dawn is busy on her latest piece, an homage to Vincent Van Gogh, which she wants me to collaborate on when she gets her parts finished, which will probably be later today. or maybe in a few days, if she needs to stop early for health reasons. It’s going to blow some people’s minds.

Cats are being goofy, as usual, but they appear to be getting along much better, at long last. Becky is more cuddly than she used to be. Stevie is still a manic freakazoid half of the time. We still miss Lucky. I still miss Charlie. I still want to do the Kismet OGN, in their memory.

More to come. Not a lot of personal work getting done at the moment, but I have hopes to restart a few things shortly.

And it’s still not decided whether we’re going to see Deadpool with our neighbours, or if I’m going to Ar Crawl instead. Hopefully we’ll have an answer to that soon.

Thank you for reading.


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