Nostalgia – The World’s Most Expensive Cologne

Okay, so, other than a small handful of years in my childhood that I find myself oddly drawn to relive, despite my faded memory and the impossibility of me travelling to the 1970s to witness them once more, I mostly live in the murky twilight of the present as it tumbles into the unknowable future. I am unfortunately never content to live for today alone. My wife often complains of my inattentiveness. I probably retreat to the future to defend myself from the disappointments of today and the deep embarrassments of the failures of yesterday compounded.

Basically, I’m not a very healthy human being, mentally or spiritually.

It’s not that I lack the tools or the understanding. I believe in learning the lessons of yesterday today, so I can cope with the uncertainty of tomorrow. It just doesn’t always work.

Now, today’s title stresses the problem with nostalgia, but for those who don’t get it, let me explain:

The thing about nostalgia is, it’s something we yearn for when the disappointments of today and the uncertainty of tomorrow become overwhelming. It’s pretty much part of the hard wiring of our brains (if hard wiring in the brain is even possible, which it seems it isn’t) that we retreat to the good times of the past to help cope with our lives. Perhaps it’s part of the desire to learn something we’ve forgotten, or perhaps it really is a ploy to envelop ourselves in the safety of disasters already averted; I don’t know for sure.

What I do know is, my almost painful desire to relive specific moments in my life can’t be because I want to relive my successes, because I have so few to relive, it hardly seems worth it. But in infects a great deal of my mindset, in that I yearn for the idealism and innocence lost forever, in the hope that regaining that white heat will enable me to power through the problems before me with vigour and conviction.

Too much to ask, I know.

But really, don’t most of us do this at one time or another?

I blame the advent of television reruns.

Just a bit of fluffy nonsense for you. I may be back later today with work stuff. Thank you for reading. If you want ideas to think about, see yesterday’s post.


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