Not Enough Time

There never seem to be enough hours in a day, do there, my faithful Macketeers?

I’m sorry for missing yesterday. I was preoccupied with logo design and with recording the guide vocal and scratch drum track for the first track on the new album, which I will be which I will be working on some more today, once I get this post finished. I would play the guide vocal track for your amusement, but really, it’s not that great to listen to. I hope by the end of today to have something far more listenable. I might post that, if I feel good about it. Or I might not. I might want to start keeping the tunes to myself in the hope of selling songs some day. We’ll see.

Time to get to work. Keyboards, despite the abilities of sequencers, do not actually play themselves. Someone has to program them for that. And bass definitely does not play itself.

Thanks for reading.

Uncle Eddie.

PS: Here’s the new logo for my interactive graphic novel concept, which I hope to get to work on some time this year or the next:

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