Now I’m Really Hacked Off

Seems the web host my wife and I use for our more business-related sites, such as the CLEARvision Studios Blog, is down at the moment. the site was still loading, but the back end wasn’t working, due to some javascript hack that Dreamhost has been trying to resolve for what I suspect has been over a week.

So, that means you can’t go and look at my graphic design or illustration work at present. As such, I’ve decided to bring a little bit of it to you here:

Ashes: Infinite Redress This version is based on the ebook cover and original dust jacket version I devised, back before I got in talks to have a friend do an illsutration for me. Not sure if he's still interested, but I've been trying to revise my concept to emphasize his art, so I scrapped this variation. For now.

I’ve done a few other pieces in my time *understatement*, but I figure that should do for now.


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