Now They’re Planning The Crime of the Century… Well, What Would It Be?

Probably got that line wrong, even though I’ve been listening to it my whole life, it seems.

Today is brought to you by sun, and more sun, and by art. Oh, and cats, though not as obnoxious as most mornings. Weird.

I am going to draft a poll today. Haven’t done it yet. Gotta figure out what the Stinson neighbourhood wants to see done with public art money in Stinson. Left to my own devices, I’d have murals everywhere along Stinson, and that stupid Claremont Access would be covered in paint from top to bottom. Engineering marvel my eye. It’s an eyesore, even after the repair work of last summer/fall, and it divides our neighbourhood in two at an integral point. There are ways to make it an attractive feature, but we need permission and money to make it happen. And we need a team of residents who want to help sort out what goes where. We’ll see what comes of all this.

I’m also going to try to finish the piece I’ve been trying to finish; an inked stipple drawing left over from my high school days that I’ve been calling Me: Self-Portrait. It was started back in 1989 or 1990. Not sure which now. But I know it’s been waiting to be completed for ages.

ME Self Portraint 1990 almost 001

So what am I actually doing at this hour of the morning, on a Sunday, instead of sleeping in? Well, I’m listening to Supertramp and trying to get the inspiration to spend hours making little dots. I still have to finish inking in one more arm and leg, and detail a few more things that look kind of faint in this piece. Plus, I may or may not add some clouds over my teenaged head. We’ll see.

I’m not doing any fiction writing or game designing at the moment. Part of me wishes the elves would hurry up with my cloning machine, so I could get some fresh young, uninjured versions of myself to work on those, too. There NEVER seems to be enough time (or money), anymore. Very frustrating.

Getting hungry. Kinda wish Dawn would wake up early, so I can make breakfast. Doesn’t do to wake Dawn prematurely with no good reason.

Time to get back to work. Have a good morning.


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