Oh, Just Like the Twenties… Machine Guns Were Plenty

Okay, so today I’ve been tinkering with the website gallery settings somewhat. Sadly, NextGallery and this particular WordPress theme work together, but not incredibly well, as my CvS portfolio page layout can contest. The simplest of codes on the actual page still yields unintended results, so I’ve given up on it until I can find a more effective WordPress theme that still allows me to do something innovative with the multi-site approach I took with this site three years ago when I moved it all here under one umbrella, so to speak.

I just haven’t been theme-hunting in a while, and my wife doesn’t prod me any more. It probably IS time to update, though.

Anyway, the portfolio, in case your risk-averse and afraid to play with the sliding window thingy at the top, is HERE.

In other news, we had our latest StinZine planning meeting last night, where we met our latest team member, graphic designer and singer Melissa Foye. We replotted the timeframe for the August issue, and started divvying up roles to help Katherine gett her vision of the next issue sorted out. I’ll probably be the proverbial fifth wheel this time around. We shall see.

This all came to fruition after an interesting SCA/CPR meeting in Carter Park with City Staff and Councillor Farr, where we finally sorted out once and for all where the gazebo was going to be built. The stake is placed, the perimeter drawn in orange paint, group photos taken, the tender is going out, and at long last, we will see the ground breaking and the SNAP plan finally kick in. It’s been a very long two-years-and-change to get to this point. Who knew that my donating a map design and logo redesign would help pave the way (metaphorically speaking) to the landscaping of a public park? When I think about it (which I usually don’t), it’s quite remarkable.

So the Phase 1 Plan is very little like what I had originally envisioned, but over all, I think we are getting to a good place.

One last time around the old park plan, Charles…


And let’s head for home.

Thank you for reading.


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