Old Man Saturn (new version)


Old Man Saturn’s in the hallway
Can see him through the door
Always comes round to help me
Like the years before
Always knows when I’m not doing well
Riding around with the top down and my ass exposed
Just like nobody knows.

We sit down at the kitchen table
And he pours the wine
Asks me how I’ve been doing
I lie and say I’m fine
He just smiles at me and shakes his head
Asks, “How long you gonna play this game?
You got no one else to blame.”

All the things I thought I wanted
All the things I had to say
Everything just slips away.

He says, “Look at your situation
It’s not all bad
All these people really love you
Best you’ve ever had
When you gonna show them some gratitude?
Spinning through life like a Catherine Wheel
How does it make them feel?”

I argue for my limitations
And he just smiles
Says, “You’ve got to stop pretending
Be yourself for a while
You’ll never make it as someone else
Hasn’t it occurred to you this shit don’t work?
Stop being a fucking jerk.”

All the things I’ve worked so hard for
All the promises I’ve made
Seems the last card has been played.

INSTRUMENTAL (strings and band)

Old Man Saturn says he’s leaving
“My work’s done here
Try to pull yourself together
See you in a year
Remember there’s more to life than compromise
Can only give what’s there inside of you
To thine own self be true.”

Old Man Saturn’s in the hallway
I watch him walk away
I don’t go after him to ask if
He’d like to stay
In all these years it’s always been this way
Only here for Transformation Day
There’s nothing else to say.

All the things I thought I stood for
All the things I’ve ever known
The lack of meaning has been shown.


© 2010 Lee Edward McIlmoyle
Etcetera Thesis Music
for the album ‘Bisecting a Circumference’

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