Older Logos Revisited

Okay, so the good news first: I finally got Adobe Illustrator CS5 running properly again, so I can actually get back to work!

I don’t really need a whole creative suite to do what I do, but I cannot function properly without the print design basics: Photoshop, InDesign, and especially Illustrator. Once you’ve learned how to vector effectively in Illustrator, nothing else is remotely acceptable. Nothing.

So anyway, to celebrate, I opened up a few vector files I’d been thinking about revisiting, because I was unhappy with the results of the portfolio images I’d uploaded of them. Plus, you know, every time I look through my current online portfolio, I start thinking, “Waitaminute! What happened to that really cool logo I did in 2007 for the winery?” or words to that effect.

So, for this celebratory post, I’m going to go spelunking through all of my hard drives and find the working files of every logo I currently have that isn’t posted here or in my portfolio, and post them. Maybe not every one of them. Some aren’t that great. And really, it’s late. So maybe I’ll do them over the next few days. Because now I can.

So let’s see what we’ve got for tonight:


I posted a screencap of this from one of the promo pieces I recreated after a former client threatened to sue me if I didn’t take the original art off of my site. I’d never signed any agreements to that effect, but I got tired of arguing with her. So I put the originals into invisible mode and then set about recreating them with a new name and ad copy. I guess I don’t have to tell you that revenge may have motivated my copy that day. I repost this at a higher resolution because I flatter myself that the hand-bevelled lettering deserves greater attention.


The ‘final’ (unless I get a better idea by the time I finally finish revising it) version of the logo I started dreaming up to accompany my second completed novel. Still can’t remember what font I used (it’s not Book Antiqua, but it’s close), but I basically did it up Hollywood-style, with all hand-bevelling and -lighting effects (couldn’t get any filters to do it the way I wanted, so it was back to basic). The original mock-up was a little poppier, but this satisfies my need for a solid chunk of polished metal sculpture to represent the heavy, darkening nature of the book.


Can’t very well promote my second book without promoting my first; this cover still isn’t finished, because I need an illustration, and haven’t decided what I want. But the logo was me taking the mickey with those Wheel of Time books. It’s NOT a direct rip, but if you look at those titles and this one, you can see what I did. Might not be the final version, but it still amuses me, so it stays, for now.


And this was the novel I started under another title that got me back into serious prose writing to begin with. I have some more rewriting to do, and then I have to dig in and finish it, but I’m still very proud of this novel. I also love the funky spaceship I created that I ended up using for the cover; it was like nothing I’d ever done before, though it needs some tweaking and proper 3D modelling to work out the kinks.


And last but not least, one of the only two proper, from-scratch logo designs I’ve been paid for since parting ways with GRE. This I did for my dear friend, indie game designer Deirdra Kiai. She wanted quirky hand-drawn letters, and I gave her just that. I DID stop to vector them before applying effects, but I worked hard to keep the quirky, unbalanced nature of the letterforms as much as my professional pride would allow. This was also the final rendering of the logo, which went through a veritable rainbow of colour changes to get to this stage. Sometimes the classics work best. Looks great on the DVD case, too.

Well, that’s Show and Tell for tonight. I’ll finish digging up the rest of my unshared goodies and get them blogged for you, ASAP.


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