On My Mind – original vocal demo

A friend of mine is having her birthday today, and I wanted to impress her a bit because I think she’s a cool musician-type, so I did something I haven’t done in a long time: I posted the original vocal demo of On My Mind, a song I haven’t played for anyone in years.

This was originally composed from three little bits Derrick, Dave and I created during a jam session. They were quite short bits and I couldn’t use them as is, and I didn’t want to go the usual route to getting them to relearn their bits as a song, because that way, then as now, lies madness. So I did it all myself, which solved nothing, but at least I could hear how it would go.

I have trouble listening to it myself, these days, because the vocal performance is so raw and edgy. It really needs to be rerecorded, which I’ll be doing for the new album, though I have no idea how I’m going to handle the vocals this time around. The better microphone we have now should make a huge difference, but I’ve lost some of my range, and am pretty sure I can’t hit all of those notes any more.

The trick about this one is that I didn’t have a decent microphone for my four-track when recorded the vocal, but I do have this old Hitachi ghetto blaster that had stereo mics built into it. so I played back the four-track and turned my apartment into a reverb box. Sadly, I didn’t have the volume balanced right, since I didn’t realize how much louder my voice was than the secondary ghetto blaster I used to play the backing track on.

What I want to do now is find a plugin for my computer recording/mixing software, to isolate my vocal recording and map that onto another recording of the backing track sans vocals, which needs some cleaning up because it’s got some digital artefacts from the original ‘clean up’ pass I did on it a handful of years ago using some cheap software.

I actually do plan on rerecordingt he tune from scratch for The Whole Other Half, but I doubt I’ll be hitting those scary high notes this time around, so I think it would be nice to have a cleaned up version of this original demo, just for posterity, and maybe as a reward to investors.

Anyway, here’s the song, as I originally envisioned it:

On My Mind (original vocal demo) [SORRY: link terminated]

I’ll be taking the song down tomorrow, so, enjoy it while it lasts.


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