Once More With Feeling

Good Morning, Mackronauts!

I’m now officially considering using this piece of music on the album, if I can learn how to play it properly and arrange it for my virtual band:

When It Seems To Be Ending

Yes it’s the same song I linked to yesterday. No one listened to it, so I’m posting it again. It’s a nice progressive rock jam mainly featuring paino and drums. Check it out. Don’t make me repost it again tomorrow. 😉

I also decided to take a stab at remaking The Art of Letting Go and my favourite, The Furthest Shores, which I’m considering renaming (again), also for the new album. I just decided, I’m not happy with how eclectic and varied the album sounds, and want a little more of my classic Genesis roots showing through, considering it’s where I want things to go after this album is done. The album is now officially a ‘double album’, which suits me fine, since it will most likely only ever be sold digitally anyway.

That said, I think there will be no music playing today. Commitments elsewhere, it seems. Going to do something fun to kill time until we leave. Seeya tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


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