One a Day… Plus Design Work

Sorry I missed my deadline. I was searching for a font for the header of my agent’s blog, which you can see here:

See, I was helping to recreate her original header banner, which was specially desinged by her for the old theme she had tweaked and tweezed just so, but which was no longer behaving as intended. I don’t know beans about web design, but I’ve got a pretty extensive collection of fonts, from too many years of dicking around with word processors.

These days, I tend to stay out of word processors and just type my stories in a text eidotr, although I’ve been favouring Scrivener of late. I onnly use it on the PowerBook, though, so most of my font collection is gathering dust in the font folder of my desktop PC, where I do most of my internet stuff, including writing this entry.

After over an hour of searching, I finally found it: Maximillion.

So I recreated her banner in the new format.



And her site looks great now that she’s got it tweaked the way she wants it. GO CHECK IT OUT.

I was going to write a different entry today, but I’m kind of fighting deadlines of a sort, so it’s time to sign off. More coming tomorrow.


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