One Of These Days

It’s a quiet day here in Limbo.

I have to finish re-reading Terminal Monday for a new release, because I discovered a few errors, and can’t allow that to go unfixed. No idea what I’ll do about the old versions of the novel, including the one in print. I was so sure I’d proofed it well enough. Even self-imposed deadlines can be dangerous. *sigh*

I’ve been listening to a lot of Genesis and a lot of Big Big Train again. I’ve also been listening to Thomas Dolby again. No idea where any of this is leading.

I’m not recording music at the moment, though I really should be. I’ve started manipulating demo clips to create possible compositions for the song lyrics we’ve conjured up so far. However, I haven’t really generated anything truly new, yet, and much of what was previously recorded needs to be redone anyway, because it was all really rough and sloppy.

The book writing has slowed to a trickle again. I’d hoped to be back at it by now, but I’ve been so preoccupied, it’s been hard to even make myself write during those times when I have the place to myself and no specific errands to run.

Friday night, when I should be at ArtCrawl, I believe I’m booked to spend time drinking and singing with Richard Miller and our old friend Al Petrie.

It’s time to get the coffee made and the wife out of bed.

Thank you for reading.


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