One Railroad Song Deserves Another

Good Morning, Mackrophiles. Sorry for not posting yesterday. I had many errands to run, and spent almost no time at the keybaord.

So my agent and I were eventually joined by friends at Bishop’s Park last night, where we watched/heard Matthew de Zoete and Jennifer Lockman play a series of songs Matthew wrote. Good stuff. Then we listened to Edgar Breau, with friends Kyle Pce and Colina Phillips, whose music I found more challenging in its timbre, and I’m not entirely sure I enjoyed it, but I appreciated it.

I went home and did the dishes while listening to my album, and in the process hurt my hand, which is giving me plenty of trouble today. Even typing is a chore. I have no idea how I’ll get an recording done.

At any rate, I have errands to run, coffee to drink, and pants to put on, not necessarily in that order. So I’m going to cut this short. Hope to have some cool stuff for you soon.

Thanks for reading.


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