Only Comes Around For Transformation Day

Just so you don’t think I’m shutting down the blog, I thought I’d share some rough work with you. this is a nice mix of the rough stage my current song, Old Man Saturn, is at.

I’ve had this song running around in my head for the better part of a decade. In many ways, writing this album is about making a place for this one song to go, so I can clear some headspace for other things.

The track needs a lot more work. You’ll hear bum notes, fluffed harmonies, an unconvincing lead vocal as I feel around for the melody and the rhythm, and some lyrics that will probably get you in trouble, so use your earphones of close the door to your office. I don’t have the luxury of the latter, yet.

But what you’ll also hear is a song that has been haunting me for many years, finally rendered in meatspace, where it belongs. I hope there’s enough in there for you to enjoy. The final version, which will have more instrumentation and much more polished performances, will only be available on the album, due in June. I hope this proves to be enough of a tease, without giving away too much. It’s hard to tell these days.


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