Out of Mind, Outta Sight (and an Anniversary Wish)

Hey Gang,

Sorry for the no postinage. I’ve been pretty busy, as you can well imagine, and just too tired to post when the day is done. So here I am to tell you what’s up today. I’m going to City Hall tonight with my wife and our friends in the Stinson Community Association to offer morale support to Lucio, who is presenting our Action Plan to the General Assembly (or whatever it’s called). We’re also taking along my PowerBook to have some audio-visual support at the presentation table.

In other news, we had the big Carter Park Extreme Makeover this past Saturday, and it went pretty well, all things considered (including the inclement weather). I didn’t get to do as much stuff as I’d hoped to, but still, it was a pretty impressive turnout for what was ostensibly cheap labour (we worked for catered hamburgers and hot dogs). There’s still a lot that needs to be done at the park, but it was a great start.

I rode my bike up almost the entire length of the Escarpment Rail Trail yesterday, to visit my mother. Good exercise, that. Riding up the hill on Stone Church Road was murder, however, so I walked up the hill and ran into my band mate Gary Falkins. Hadn’t seen him in weeks, so it was a pleasant surprise.

Finally, today is the seventh anniversary of my marriage to Dawn Iwanowski, the best friend I’ve ever had, and the mother of my two feral felines. Thanks for being with me, Dawn. I love you.

Right. Almost time to get going. Hope you’ve all havd a great September, and are welcoming the Autumnal weather as much as I am.


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