Out With Dad – Season Two Finale review

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For the omnibus review of season two, go here.

Now, I had planned to go to El Mocambo on the sixth for the Wrap Party, but sadly, I had to miss it (money/transportation problems), and you better believe there are regrets and much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments involved. But let’s not dwell on passed failures (and begin weeping once more); I am a little behind, but I have finally plucked up the courage to watch the final episode of season two (though hopefully not the finale episode ever; donate what you can, folks).

After all the preamble of the previous two reviews, I should write up something fairly eloquent to commemorate this historic episode. I should, but I can’t. First, and most importantly, it’s not the actual end to any story, although it sort of feels like one story thread has come to an end. So what I’ll do is just report what I’ve seen and comment on it. Then I’ll discuss the end result. Fair enough?

Okay, so first up, I’m not using my usual review format. It doesn’t fit with how I’m going to do this, because there are no multiple parts to discuss.

Second, not a whole lot ACTUALLY happens in this episode. It’s a slow burner, and it’s largely internal.

That said, as a young Fred Savage might petulantly ask, ‘Is this a kissing story?’ The answer is a resounding ‘Yes, kid. When you get a little older, you might not mind so much.’

2.12 – Out of Mind
Okay, so we start with the girls in the bedroom, studying. Claire is stretched out on the bed, but Rose is, somewhat tellingly, seated beside the bed, writing her pen pal. There’s a wee bit of back story here, but it doesn’t go anywhere yet. Point is, the girls are hanging out together. It’s sweet. But it’s not as cozy as the series opener with Vanessa. So that’s one point for the Vanessa shippers. 😉

Nathan walks in and engages the girls briefly, before awkwardly extricating himself at Rose’s nearly-unspoken behest. She apologizes for him, but Claire thinks he’s sweet and rather generous in his support. She reveals that they wouldn’t be allowed to hang out alone together in her bedroom, which kind of surprises Rose a bit, but she doesn’t jump on that.

Claire shifts gears and starts looking at the pictures of Rose with her friends, including the many, many photographs of her with Vanessa, and after a little questioning, figures out (or perhaps just confirms what she clearly already suspected) that Vanessa is the girl Rose mentioned at the PFLAG meeting; and that Rose loves her. Light Dawns On Marble Head. The enemy has been identified, and is that doubt I see in Claire’s eyes? We’ll see (hopefully).

Later, Rose is alone, trying to sleep, but trying to work something out in her mind. Simply put, does she love Claire, or is she still in love with Vanessa? There are a lot of very fun shots of Rose kissing first Vanessa, but then suddenly Claire, including some rather saucy kisses from imaginaryVanessa and some rather insistent, passionate kisses from imaginaryClaire. There’s also a very scary repeat of the scene with the accusing Mrs. LeMay, which hits like a gut punch. Then she imagines Vanessa in bed with her, but this too switches to Claire. Finally, Rose wakes up, somewhat elated but slightly confused, and gets up to get a glass of water. When she imagines seeing a flirty Vanessa in the kitchen with her, she realizes she’s in a rough way, and decides to take action.

The episode ends with Rose finally, tearfully pulling the pictures of Vanessa down from her cork board and tossing them in the waste paper basket. Is she really giving up on Vanessa, making room for Claire, or is she just hoping this will help preserve what’s left of her sanity? The answers may only be revealed in 2013. *sigh*

I’ll admit, I was hoping for a bit more resolution, but this is a season finale, and that traditionally means we have to have a bit of mystery. It’s kind of a sad story, really. I suppose I just wanted a little more resolution, on the off chance that the series doesn’t return. Selfish of me, I know.

Anyway, that’s it. That’s where they leave us, save for the very charming final PFLAG Canada PSA, which is recited in part by Nathan and the three girls in turn. Where it goes from here is anybody’s guess. Jason leaver has written plenty more, but only time will tell if we’ll ever get to see it.

If this proves to be the end of the road, at least it was a lovely ride. I won’t be writing any bad OWD fanfic in the meantime (if I can help it). I’m afraid I already have a bit too much of a reputation for writing girls in love, and it’s generally not as sweet and innocent as Jason’s take, so I’m a bad fit for that. So if this is the end, it’s one that may haunt me for some time.

To Jason and Kate and Will and Caitlynne and Lindsey (sorry I didn’t make it after all) and Cory and the rest, thanks for the memories.

Your Old Uncle Eddie.

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  • Excellent review! I think you should write some fanfic. It would be interesting to see where others would take the story while we wait to see Jason’s “official” version!

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