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Good Morning, Mackronauts, are you ready for launch?

Okay, so today I don’t actually have too much to talk about. Yesterday, I created wav. files from all of the remixes I’ve done, so I can start editing together the new version of the suite, and then break them apart again with the crossfades intact. I shouldn’t really bother to do that with so much left to do, though, so I probably won’t. Still ahve to put Over the Garden Wall back into place, but the big things are, Old Man Saturn is technically incomplete, and the tracks On My Mind and On The Furthest Shores haven’t even been tracked yet. It’s all that widdly keybaord work I haven’t done in over a decade that’s getting me nervous. I know I won’t have to recreate the pieces exactly, because I simply don’t possess the same tools, and can’t recreate them faithfully in any case.

I need to see if I can fine an Autotune plugin for Adobe Audition, because I need to adjust a few vocal parts that I’m not sure I can rerecord right now. My voice has been giving me hell of late, and I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of the problem with Dr. Jackson. Hopefully the reschduled August appointment won’t be a disappointment.

And finally, Gary listened to my scratch demo (which I recorded using the webcam mic on my computer, which isn’t horrible by any stretch, but it’s not studio grade recording we’re talking about) of his tune, Dos Services (working title)(?), and says he likes it and hears some ideas of his own to add. Good. I’m vacillating betwee the version sung by me and the one sung by my agent, Dawn, who was inspired to write the lyrics because she likes the song. She always preferred Gary’s songwriting to mine. 😉 Any old how, I may be retracking it today on the multi-track, so I can use the big sexy microphone and plug the guitars in for cleaner recordings and such.

Time to see if I can’t get a little writing done before Dawn gets up. Hope everyone has a great day.


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