Parting Jest

Well, I've been running this blog for my supposed band for the last two years now, and so far, I'm the only one who has bothered to contribute. I'm also just about the only person who reads this journal. Seems that, despite Vox having some kind of community, it's not a very big one, and I haven't had any success in attracting readers. So I've decided that this experiment isn't working. I still haven't worked out a plausible replacement, but I'm figuring int he future, i'll just make music posts from my new personal wordpress blog, at Lee Edward instead.

I'll leave this stuff here as archival material, but I may or may not replicate it on my personal blog, or perhaps start my own music blog and host the stuff myself, once I find a widget that pleases me. I figure, if I'm going to write in a blog that nobody reads, it might as well be on my own website, where at least I can set up th tools mroe the way I want, and project a more professional atmosphere.

Anyway, to anybody seeing this, hope you found something here that amused or charmed you. Via Condios.

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