People Do Some Strange Things, When They’re All Together

RIP Lauren Bacall, a very classy and talented actress. I won’t eulogize her, not because I don’t enjoy her work, and not because she wasn’t important, but because I don’t want this blog to become a one stop grief emporium. Suffice to say that, if I were still a believer in a Christian afterlife, I would very much like to think that her reunion with Humphrey Bogart would start like this:

“Say, kid, you got a match?”

I won’t elaborate further.

In other news, the two most trafficked posts of the last two days have been my Robin Williams eulogy, which got a small but respectable amount of hits, and my Genesis – Duke album review, which I think I posted a year ago, so that’s interesting. Maybe 1980s progressive pop is coming back into vogue or something. Worse things happen at sea, I’m told.

I’m still trying to figure out how to write Athena’s Pause, one of two chapters I need to finish to publish Act Two of THE APPROXIMATE DISTANCE TO LIMBO, and clear the decks for Act Three. The problem is, I keep starting it and scrapping huge chunks as being off-colour for the piece I’m trying to achieve, which is intended to be a light-hearted but touching tribute to my other short story, Athena’s Eyes. Two or three versions had far too much flirting, and one version had too much arguing. This latest version is more or less on course, but the chapter has to do a lot of stuff in a relatively short amount of time, including encapsulate the excerpts of alternate reality versions of the entire writer’s group from TERMINAL MONDAY, minus Wanda and Candice, who are missing for some reason, which I’m still trying to articulate without missing the point of both the book and the chapter. It’s really important that it alludes to what happened at the end of Act One, without being so mauldin or dire that it interrupts the flow of the chapter. I can’t have them trekking off tot he hospital, so it can’t be that Wanda got hurt by Wally, who happens to be in this chapter as a much happier, saner person than he was at the end of the first act.

I’m told we have errands to run, so I have to cut this short. So I’ll just say I have two more abstract paintings in the works, but I haven’t really visualised them yet, so they’re coming slowly.

Time to get my shoes on. Talk to you later. Thanks for reading.


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