Please Help Me, Help Me Please, I Need To Know If There’s a Chance For Me

Good Afternoon, Mackrobiotics,

I’m listening to old music I made with my buddies back in the 90s, and thinking that, some day, I’m going to have rerecord this stuff so people can hear it properly. Right now, I’m listening to a great little piece that, for my money, never got recorded properly, even though the recording I have is pretty cool for a demo in three parts. I also need to make a new site and post the remixes of the original tracks there, so I don’t keep linking to the old files on my private server, which I’m not even sure can be accessed properly any more (I know the newer Thesis tracks are locked down).

I also also need to do some writing, because I’m months overdue for publishing the next book, The Back Roads of Limbo.

Anyway, I’m playing with old music tracks, gussying them up. Probably going to have to stop in a bit, but I’ll upload the results HERE ASAP.

And that’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks for reading.


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