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Good Afternoon, Mackronauts!

So today I’m back to square one, trying to drum up support for the new Thesis album, which is almost half done. I joined us up with, but they assure me that my social networks are too small to get the kind of money I need to fix all the stuff that has been falling apart around me getting this far.

I need a favour from you. Yes, you. It’s a simple 4-point plan:

1) ‘Like’ our Facebook Page.

2) Sign up for our mailing list at PledgeMusic.

3) Add me on Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, or Facebook.

4) TELL YOUR FRIENDS, PLEASE. Twitter, G+, Tumblr, LiveJournal, Facebook, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, Pinterest… basically, any social network where you have people reading what you post to. I need as many people as possible looking at our page, signing up and considering pledging some money. If you share our PledgeMusic page with one or two of your networks, that’s probably dozens if not hundreds more people that I don’t have access to. If even one or two of those people decide they like what they hear and want to hear more, then I’m a little bit closer to showing the gang at PledgeMusic that we can do this. Then perhaps they’ll approve me for the project and I’ll be able to get the album made without going any further into debt and being shut down before it’s done.

Because that’s a very real possibility here. I have to pay the phone, internet and hydro. If I take the amount they recommend, that’s just about ALL I’ll be able to do, and only until this album is done. Maybe that’s as much as I can hope for, but if I don’t ask for more, my other plans may have to go on hold for who knows how long. Perhaps this album will earn me some money and I’ll be able to finance my future efforts, but if I can’t make this Pledge thing work, I may have to come to grips with the fact that I simply don’t have enough audience to sell an album to in time to pay my way out of debt.

So there it is. That’s what I need. I need you, and your friends, and their friends, to add themselves to our mailing list, and, if we get to start a project, to pledge what you can. I don’t ask for too much.

No, really. There’s free music and other creative goodies in it for you if you help out. PledgeMusic has a whole tiered gift thing set up. This is really going to happen. But only if you help me get the whole thing started.

Please, and incidentally, thank you.

Uncle Eddie.

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