Quiet Morning In Limbo

Okay, so the past few days have been less than productive, writing-wise. I’ve done a little tinkering with Bujah, but other than some word and line edits and a few hundred words on chapter 2, not much to report. Sadly, there have been distractions, and many of them job-related (I’m also a graphic designer, in case you hadn’t picked that up yet). Life goes on (Now would be a clever time to mention that, if you like my writing, or just prefer reading my blog when things are getting done, then feel free to pimp my books out to people. Thanks).

So I guess I’ve got a couple of hours before stuff starts happening around here again, so I’m gonna go over and tinker with Bujah some more and hope to make some progress. Two things I want to accomplish are finish the current chapter, and polish up the so-called ‘action sequence’ in chapter 1, which isn’t very fluid because I finished it at about 2 AM when I was falling asleep at the keys. It’s like a précis of the plot points, but it doesn’t have much style, unlike the rest of the chapter, which has a strange but respectable style to it.

I’m deliberately forcing myself to write in a different style for this one, and the smartest trick I’ve got here is I’m limiting myself to about fifty words per paragraph, which is forcing me to be pretty precise. It’s making the writing a bit of a challenge, style-wise, but it’s not making me angry yet, so I guess I’ll continue with that formula for now.

Time to find something to eat and get to work. Have a great weekend.


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