Radio (Play Me) – demo 1996

Okay, a dear friend of mine actually requested that I post this old piece of demo work, so I'm doing it. This isn't a true mix (it's a hard left-and-right two-track recording, not really spaced for stereo, though you absolutely need stereo to hear it properly), and it's really only a guide vocal, as you can here me humming the melody as well as singing the vocals. The song is very heavily influenced by very early solo Peter Gabriel, so anyone who knows DIY and especially On The Air will immediately recognize what I did here.

Do I need to mention that the sound quality is not particularly good?

I plan on making some changes to the melody in order to make it a little less obvious and derivative of the Gabriel stuff, but not so much that you can't tell what influenced what. It was meant as a homage, even if the lyric content is tongue in cheek about the fact that no one knew my music (for reasons entirely my own).

And as an added bonus, I give you pictures of the home studio, which my wife has very sweetly obliged me in photographing, on this snowy and blustery day:


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