Real News and Holiday Wishes

Okay, so I’ve been quiet lately. I apologize.

Sandyhook has apparently spawned gun sales and an NRA membership spike of 8K new members a day. That last is according to Fox News, so I don’t know if we can take that on the face of it. I choose not to. If Fox is real news outlet, then I’m U Thant. (Thanks, Guy)

I’m not done the card yet. Don’t look so surprised. But it will be. I’m just busy. The card is almost done. then I’ll PDF it and send it to friends around the world, and print off a few for my home-girls.

Gonna go put the finishing touches on The Back Roads of Limbo. I hope to have it ready for tonight. It’s all written. Just needs editing. I can do that.

I may have a somewhat depressing end-of-year post in a few days, as well as (possibly) a few new album reviews, once I have enough time to finish them. That will be my Christmas present to you.


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