Okay, so, one of my creative projects has had to be put on ice because it’s not desirable.

The PBW2 Launch Party was last night, and it was a pretty interesting event. If you couldn’t make it, I’m more sorry than you know. I also want to make sure you all know that workshop meetings will be getting started pretty soon, to enable City Staff vetting time as early as possible, to help manage expectations and prevent some of the perceived problems with so-called ‘ineligible’ proposals squeaking through to the balloting process. this year, stricter guidelines are being drawn up to help advise residents what sorts of infrastructure solutions are doable with ARSCR Fund money. Hopefully, we’ll have the full cooperation of City Staff to make the proposals that do come through as workable as possible with as little difficulty as possible.

In other news, I’m going to get back to work on the composition and arrangement of the Etcetera Thesis concept album, STEEP INCLINATIONS.

I may also finish a novel again this year. I may even get back to writing daily, so I can get more than one volume ready for distro this year. It could happen.


Time to get dressed and get some work done. Also, must pill the cat.

Talk to you all later. Thanks for reading.


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