Richard’s Dilemma – Update

Okay, so I didn’t get around to posting this yesterday, for which I apologize. Thanks to the great generosity of a friend in England, I have been able to order a set of 5 volumes of Terminal Monday for the reviewers at the Hamilton Arts Council Literary Awards of 2013.

I don’t really know how likely it is to get picked, as there is a little something called ‘literary merit’ which to my ears sounds like ‘it’s what we say it is’. There are four categories, but none of them are specific enough. The only thing my book definitely qualifies for is ‘Fiction’, if that gives you any idea of what I’m up against.

Terminal Monday is a pretty dense piece, and it’s got a lot going on in it. However, it’s safe to say that, if anything flunks it, it will be the sex. I’m dealing with an arts council, so presumably they won’t have the same knee jerk reaction as a group of politically motivated or religiously-oriented people might. I maintain that the sex is not gratuitous, but the really important thing now is just to wait for the order to come in and make damned sure my books get delivered to the council in time. After the money spent making this happen, I can’t afford not to submit.

I still have to draw some original art for the donor of the money for the ebook, but I need to devise a story for it and start sketching to get the pages into shape. Been a few years since I did any sequential art, so it’s going to take a little work getting my dubious chops back in order.

I’m trying not to think about the fact that there are in fact at least two or three minor errors in the text of Terminal Monday that I found in the file I believe I sent to print. I’d done so many sweeps of the book, just trying to spot such errors, but it seems I am not infallible. It doesn’t make me feel good, and I can see that too being cause to flunk the book. We’ll see.

I should try to get some writing done before Dawn gets up. I’m not feeling it, but frankly, we’re well and truly past the point of it being acceptable to blow off work for a day or two. I haven’t turned in an acceptable day’s work in weeks. There have been reasons, but none of them feel like good reasons, just now. That’s something I hadn’t counted on; the feeling of writer’s guilt.

Anyway, I hope you folks have a good day. Thank you for reading.


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