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Good Morning, Macketeers!

I’m having what you might call an ‘off’ day. It actually started yesterday, but it obviously enjoyed its stay so much, it decided to stick around for a bit. So here we are, day two of my ‘not feeling magical’, and all I really want to do is listen to (NOT MY) music, generate cool graphics, make tee shirts from them, and possibly sell one or two, because wouldn’t it be nice to pay the bills for a change. I’m thinking about working on the cover graphics for the album, but I’m starting by making a tee shirt. I’m more interested in selling merchandise than music today. Can you feel me?

Asia (the super group) released a new video, for a song called Face On The Bridge. I think it’s a pretty good song, and the video is kinda nice, too. The band are almost all outside, with the exception of Carl, who probably had his fill of shooting videos out of doors back in his ELP days. The song is a ballad, but not a meek one like John Wetton and Geoff Downes used to generate shortly before Steve left the band last time and it all went to hell, so that’s a good thing. I shouldn’t be so glib. It’s really a good tune. It’s not terribly progressive, but it’s a solid, slightly anthemic number with some nice guitar playing from Steve Howe, who manages to summon up some of that classic Asia guitar playing and turns in a fresh solo that nevertheless harkens back to one or two of his classics. The band are definitely looking a little older than we’re used to seeing in rock videos, but it’s a nice change of pace to actually see the band not looking too glamourous in a rock video for a change. I’ll always award points for honesty. The song is in preparation for their next album, which I’m informed will be called XXX, to be released later this summer. I look forward to reviewing it… if I can afford to get my hands on a copy. Buy a few tee shirts for me, would you?

Gonna go be somewhere else and hopefully improve my mood. You folks have a good day.

Your Cranky Uncle Eddie.


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