School Days and Desert Sands

Good morning, Macketeers,

Today is the day Dawn and I go help out with the Stinson Community Barbecue. Dawn is going to be on one of the grills, making burgers and dogs for the people, and I’m going to do my best Vanna White impression while demonstrating the neighbourhood plan.

I have so many things to do today, the smart money would be for me to beg off and go get food for our cats. However, I feel committed to this process at present, so I’ll just give the cats some extra wet food before we go, and hope they can hold out until I get back from Mom’s. Then I have to start seeing about music sheets for the songs Gary and I are going to start rehearsing for jam nights and opening act gigs, if we can find some.

Listening to Stanley Clarke this morning and wishing I were a much better bassist. What I wouldn’t give if I could play that well. Sadly, I fear that, even if I started practising diligently from this day forth, I’d still have trouble getting anywhere near his league simply because my hands aren’t in the greatest condition these days. I can remember recording the bass part for one of the longer tracks on my album–probably Old man Saturn–and by the end, my hands were cramping up something fierce. Plus with the slightly tingly numbness starting to creep into my fretting hand, I’m going to have increasing difficulty performing, unless I can resolve this carpal tunnel problem without surgery.

Looks like one of our BBQ team has had to back out due to illness. Very sad to hear it; she’s one of the ones I really like, because she’s smart and energetic and works hard, which are commodities I prize in new friends.

Any old how, it’s time for me to end this and get to work on something before I have to leave. Have a great day.


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